6 Word Story: 5/13

Last night I heard what I thought to be a baby bird. For an hour this chirping was coming from underneath our front window. My husband goes outside only to return to tell me that it’s a baby squirrel. He wasn’t walking straight and kept hitting his head into things. My husband ran to the store for the smallest cat carrier and the little baby slept through the night curled up in a towel in front of a space heater on low.

This morning, he woke up and wasn’t as shaken. Took him outside and noticed that he was hitting his head into things and stumbling. I now think the little guy is blind. The mom came up to him outside and had nothing to do with him much like last night. I’m waiting on the local wildlife rehabilitation¬†center to call back to see if they will take him in.

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms¬†(of both humans and fur babies).

Prompt Word: Mother Knows




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