My Not So Chosen Path

We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives. – Maya Angelou

Let’s just say my world had to hit rock bottom before I understood what was really going on in my head and body. I am a graphic designer by day and somewhat a put together creative trying to do EVERYTHING that interests me from photography to writing.

I was diagnosed with C-PTSD from a 10 year, 7month abusive marriage and not quite ready to tell that part of my story yet. Scattered-brained is how I feel and I will try very hard to keep this personal blog as organized as possible…but no promises.

My goals are to ultimately write and hopefully be able to publish a novel (I know dreaming big) but using this personal blog as a way to cope. SO-here it is. Me FINDING me. Come with me on my personal journey and hopefully this helps someone else along the way as well.

Ok…disclaimer alert! I am not a doctor and do not take this blog as gospel or medical advice! There are blogs out there written by doctors about C-PTSD and how to cope and I can gather links for another post another time. This blog is about me learning to live with my C-PTSD and using this as a healthy way to deal with what I have going on in my head.  Please note that all rights are reserved.

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